It started with a simple idea; providing community-funded support to healthcare workers in local communities. Founded in Australia where a strong cup of coffee was the initial ask of local healthcare workers, we are now trying to mobilise the same community spirit and support for our Kiwi professionals during the COVID-19 crisis.

This campaign is focused on working with hospital cafes to provide free coffee to our healthcare workers during lockdown. After talking to these teams a coffee is a simple gesture to show our support for the work they do for us. We are donating 100% of funds to deliver these items and services to hospital workers and will be working with local partners like Planet Espresso at Auckland and Greenlane Hospitals to make this happen.

Please note: We are not associated with these local providers or the Healthcare Industry – we are simply looking to mobilise our community to help in a small way and we are starting here… to follow along please visit:

Visit @buythemacoffeenz for more information

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